Kourtney Kardashian just wore one of this season’s biggest hair trends

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Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian
Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is the ✨ main character ✨.

Seriously, we’re so here for the chic rock chick vibe she channels in every one of her Instagram posts nowadays. And we cannot WAIT to see how she translates that in her upcoming wedding to Travis Barker.

To match her cool, edgy vibe, Kourt surprised us all when, after years of rocking super long hair, she chopped it all off in favour of a choppy bob. Then, she brought us the blunt bob – a style that involves zero choppiness and looks like it has been sliced off in one swift chop.

Of course, this type of bob can be high maintenance and requires regular trims to keep the length short and the ends blunt. Especially as Kourtney regularly wears her hair loose.

But in her latest Instagram post, Kourt is switching it up in favour of one of this season’s biggest hair trends. The eldest Kardashian as scraped her hair back into a sleek mini bun.

To give the hairstyle a chic finish, Kourt’s hair is styled with a middle parting – a finish that we’re seeing on updos everywhere nowadays:

Of course, when creating any kind of updo, from buns to half-up, half-down hairstyles, it’s easier when you brush your hair back. But it’s actually pretty difficult to create a sleek updo with a middle parting and zero bumps.

Thankfully, Johnathan Van Ness demonstrated how to do it. Posting a tutorial on YouTube (with a shorter edit on Instagram), JVN shows how to create a messy bun with a middle parting, which involves a clever triangle hair trick. Just watch it for yourself:

Genius, right?

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