Kourtney Kardashian just sported the hairstyle of summer ‘22: flat waves

Earlier this week, Kourtney Kardashian posted on Instagram, asked her fans a question we've all pondered ourselves before: to cut or to grow? Her hair, that is. Now, thanks to a series of pics shared by celebrity hairstylist and Kar-Jenner family favourite, Andrew Fitzsimons, we think we may have the very answer.

Posting a three-pic carousel, Andrew wrote in the caption: "😍 Long haired @kourtneykardash 😍" and boy, is she sporting extra, extra long hair. Of course, we love short hair Kourt, too (particularly her XXS chin-skimming bob) but this style couldn't be more on trend for summer 2022. Nope, it's not baby braids nor is it the snatched 'clean girl' aesthetic but instead, allow me to present (once again), the flat waves.

As well as many other celebrities, we've also seen both of Kourtney's sisters, Kim and Khloe rock the look. Not only are the waves very trendy RN, but so is the way her hair has been parted. Yep, this is a big deal nowadays, thanks to the Millenial vs Gen Z parting debate. The middle-part is something that Kourt serves more often than not, so maybe we should take note.

While we don't know whether this pic is a throwback or more recent, it does prove that this hairstyle is timeless. Catch us wearing mermaid waves circa 2055. As for the length, it's not only us who agree that long-haired Kourt looks incredible. Fans agree, leaving their opinions on the 'do in the comments section:

One person wrote: "LONG LIVE LONG HAIRED KOURT K !!!🗣👄🔥".

Another said: "this hair on Kourt everything".

Whilst a third added: "Wow this is GORGEOUS❤️".

Someone else put: "Hair 😍".

The jury has spoken and the verdict might be in, Kourt. To grow it is...

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