Kourtney Kardashian’s goes makeup-free in the bath to try 'slugging'

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Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to baring all on Instagram – and of course, we love to see it. Going makeup-free whilst relaxing by the pool? Relatable, much. Well, just the beginning part of that sentence, but I can imagine. Now, the reality star's most recent no-makeup selfie came to us from a location just as, literally, heated: she's in the bath. But she's looking, well, a little different.

Sharing the picture on Instagram Stories, Kourt writes: 'me right now in the bath with a crazy face mask 😷;. As shown below, to wind down and relax for the evening (as one does), along with her bath, Kourtney has chosen to try out a face mask. But this isn't any old face mask, no. Instead, we spy a skincare technique that went viral on TikTok not so long ago. And that would be one named 'slugging'.

Guys, I know what you're thinking, but it's not what it seems. The name of the technique may sound a little crazy but bare with us. And before you ask, there is zero involvement of slugs *deep sigh of relief*.

With a video that gained over 5.5 million views (caszh), TikToker @edwardZO explains all:

'Slugging is the K Beauty skincare trend going viral on TikTok. Slather [any ointment product] on your skin after moisturiser before bedtime', he explains.

'This practice can help transepidermal water loss and help heal irritated skin. It's especially good for people with a damaged skin barrier or people like me, who suffer from eczema. Do it before bed and wake up to reborn skin'.

Intrigued? Well, to be sure of whether or not this skincare hack will work, we spoke to aesthetic doctor Dr. Tara Francis, who weighed in with the facts. 'Slugging is a great skincare trend which includes coating your face in petroleum to prevent trans-epidermal water loss and keep moisture in,' she explains.

'Studies have shown that Vaseline, one of the most popular brands of petroleum jelly, helps repair your skin’s outermost layer. In addition to increasing the potency of other products applied underneath, petroleum jelly can also keep the skin moisturised.'

But, of course, it's not for everybody and some skin types are better suited to this trend than others. Dr Francis adds: 'With this being said, the best candidate for slugging would be those with sensitive and dry skin, not acne-prone or oily skin. This is because, as well as preventing water loss and sealing the skin’s barrier, slugging can also cause more acne, trap dead skin and increase oil production, too'.

Good. To. Know.

So, if this sounds like a technique you're willing to try, as well as the OG Vaseline, £2.99, we recommend using the Huda Beauty Wishful Pillowgasm Cherry Glow Sleeping Mask, £34. Founder of the brand, Huda Kattan says that this new formula is her 'favourite for slugging'. Lather a pea-sized amount of the nighttime mask before bed and wake up with rejuvenated skin.

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