Kourtney Kardashian gets candid with unbrushed bedhead hair selfie

kourtney kardashian
Kourtney K gets candid with unbrushed bedhead picJesse Grant - Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian, the first born and 'most interesting to look at', just got candid with a stripped back morning selfie video on Instagram. While she did use a filter over her makeup-free first-thing-out-of-bed-face, she let her bedhead shine. And it's not the tousled, sexy, 'this took four products, three tools and two hours' kind of bedhead. It's genuine unbrushed 'I actually woke up like this' hair.

The star was letting fans and followers know that Lemme Sea (the sea moss tincture from her recently launched brand) was back in stock, and sea-mingly (sorry, I couldn't help myself) couldn't wait to share the news. She hadn't even had her morning matcha yet.

kourtney kardashian bed head hair
Instagram/Kourney Kardashian (@KortneyKardash)

Noting on the video that she hadn't brushed her hair yet, Kourtney's usually sharp bob was in a dishevelled half-up style befitting of a mom of three (six with her new blended family), whose kids are off school. Bobs may be famously low maintenance, but anyone whose had a short one will know the struggle of trying to tie it up and its determination to escape its confinement.

The messy, undone video is certainly a change from the slick and flawless grid post she shared to launch Lemme Sea just last week.

Bobs are set to be the biggest hair trend of 2023 so if you get the chop and yours doesn't stay as perfect as Kourt's razor blunt cut, just remember, her's doesn't either.

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