Kourtney Kardashian criticised for reportedly overusing water amid California’s drought

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Kourtney Kardashian criticised for reportedly overusing water amid California’s drought

Kourtney Kardashian has been criticised for overusing water amid California’s ongoing drought.

After a drought emergency in Las Virgenes Water District went into effect in December, residents have been asked to conserve water. Earlier this year, those same residents in “Agoura Hills, Calabasas and other nearby communities” were “asked to cut their outdoor water usage in half,” as per the LAist.

According to records obtained by CBS News, Kardashian’s house in Calabasas, California, made use of more water than people were instructed to.

The report showed that the home, which is worth 8 million dollars, used 245 per cent of its allotted water budget during the month of May. It also noted that this was the fourth month that the 43-year-old reality star’s home went over its budget.

On Twitter, fans slammed Kardashian and accused her of being “entitled” and “inconsiderate” of other people who have needed water throughout the drought.

“Kourtney Kardashian using four times the amount of water she is allotted doesn’t surprise me,” one wrote. “She’s always been an entitled a**hole.”

“Maybe try and give a single f*** about literally anything besides yourself,” another added. “Your water consumption is outrageous. They should charge you an insane fee for how inconsiderate you are.”

A third person seemingly called out one of the Poosh founder’s April Instagram post in honour of Earth Day, where she noted how much she loved and wanted to take care of the planet.

“Ms Kourtney ‘I love the earth and I’m so organic’ Kardashian is currently using 245 per cent of her water budget during a severe drought,” the Twitter user wrote.

The CBS reporting has also been reshared on the Reddit forum KUWTK, where users have widely criticised Kardashian and her family for being “wasteful” when it comes to more than just water usage.

“The amount of waste this family consumes is insane in general. No one needs the amount of food or presents they have,” one wrote.

They also claimed that Kardashian should receive a financial consequence for going over her water budget, one of which said: “She should be ashamed and she should be heavily fined. Whoever buys her ‘I’m an ecological gal’ s*** needs to wake tf up.”

Outside of Kardashian, the report also notes that Sylvester Stallone’s $18 million mansion used 351 per cent of its water budget in May and that his home also went over budget for at least four months.

According to Joe McDermott from the Las Virgenes Water District, anyone who exceeds 150 per cent of their allotted budget for at least two month will pay a fine.

However, McDermott also confessed that “financial penalties” haven’t always been the most effective tactic to prevent people from overusing water.

“The water supply condition is very dire,” he told the news outlet. “For those customers who are very affluent and have lots of...cash, financial penalties don’t necessarily work. We don’t think you can just buy your way out of the drought. Everyone needs to do their part. This is very serious.”

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