Kourtney Kardashian was 'blackout drunk' at Las Vegas nuptials

Kourtney Kardashian was "blackout drunk" at her unofficial wedding in Las Vegas.

In April, the reality TV star tied the knot with Travis Barker at a chapel in Sin City after they attended the Grammy Awards. Kourtney and the Blink-182 drummer officially wed the following month in Santa Barbara, California.

Reflecting on the first ceremony during the latest episode of The Kardashians, the Poosh founder confessed that she can't remember much of the night.

"I didn't even remember Elvis, like, sang to me walking down the aisle. I didn't remember I had a bouquet," she told her friend Simon Huck, noting that she "blacked out" at one point. "I'm like slurring."

Kourtney also recalled how the Elvis Presley impersonator hosting the ceremony kept calling her by her sister Khloé's name.

"When Elvis was marrying us, he was like, 'I, Khloe, take thee, Travis,'" the 43-year-old laughed. "And I just lost my mind, fell straight on the floor, and we couldn't get up."

Elsewhere, Kourtney joked that she was a "hot slob kabob" at the event.

"I did throw up after, though, and took my top off and unbuttoned my pants. I had to walk back through the hotel with a million people taking my photo. I was a hot slob kabob," she sighed.

In response, Travis noted that he had a blast at the drunken wedding.

"If that was anything like our real wedding, I'll be really stoked, because it was awesome. It was so fun," he added.