Here Are All the Korean Titles Slated to Release on Netflix in 2024

Netflix has shared its Korean shows and series that are in the pipeline for 2024. As interest in Korean entertainment and pop culture continues to surge following the effects of the Hallyu movement, Netflix has set its eyes on broadening its appeal to a global audience through new and existing IPs.

Netflix’s 2024 K-Content lineup is a diverse one filled with both new and old titles, along with fresh adaptations of iconic works. Notable highlights include the return of successful series like Squid Game, Sweet Home and Gyeongseong Creature, along with new seasons of popular unscripted shows such as Physical:100 and Singles Inferno.

In terms of new titles, Parasyte: The Grey and Chicken Nugget are among some of the most anticipated. The former is a new and bold imagining of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s iconic sci-fi body horror manga, which has already had one TV anime adaptation as well as two live-action movies in the last decade. Meanwhile, Chicken Nugget is based on a popular comedy webtoon series by Park Ji-dok, where the story follows a woman who was turned into a chicken nugget upon entering a mysterious machine.

Netflix also confirmed that it will continue to support emerging creatives and local talents, stating that by “2022 and 2025, one in five Netflix titles in Korea will come from a first-time writer or director.”

Check out the full slate below.

Available Now
The Bequeathed
Captivating the King
Badland Hunters
Doctor Slump

February 9
A Killer Paradox

February 20
Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany

March 1
My Name is Loh Kiwan

Q1 2024
Queen of Tears
Chicken Nugget
Physical: 100 Season 2 - Underground

Q2 2024
The 8 Show
Parasyte: The Grey
Agents of Mystery
Super Rich in Korea
Sweet Home Season 3
Resident Playbook (WT)

Q3 2024
Gyeongseong Creature Season 2
The Influencer
The Whirlwind
Officer Black Belt
Unknown Chefs (WT)
The Frog

Q4 2024
Mr. Plankton
The Great Flood
Single’s Inferno Season 4
Zombieverse Season 2
Hellbound Season 2
The Trunk
Squid Game Season 2