Kopparberg launches cocktail cans with fruity twists on the classics

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Photo credit: Kopparberg
Photo credit: Kopparberg

Kopparberg is synonymous with fruity flavours. From the iconic ciders to the more recent additions of spirits and hard seltzers, we've come to expect sweet and full tastes from the brand. So it's no surprise it's now launching ready to drink cocktail cans with fruity twists on classic cocktails.

250ml slimline grab-and-go cans have become a summer staple across the market, perfect for park days, picnics, festivals or trips to the beach. The ease of a cocktail you can pop in your tote bag has seen them rapidly rise to a point we can't remember how we got by without them before!

Naturally Kopparberg is ready to throw its hat into the ring, and has announced a line of three canned cocktails.

Photo credit: Kopparberg
Photo credit: Kopparberg

Kopparberg’s take on the Cosmopolitan swaps vodka for gin, but with the iconic Kopparberg flavour of Strawberry & Lime. The Strawberry and Lime gin is then topped up with sparkling cranberry for fizz, in a tipple the brand are calling the Strawberry Cosmo.

But for the vodka fans, the Kopparberg Tom Collins, 'Lemon Collins', uses Lemon vodka in place of gin, mixed with simple soda. And not to leave out rum, the Kopparberg Dark 'N Stormy, named Cherry Stormy is made with Kopparberg Cherry rum, lime, and ginger beer.

There really is something for everyone.

Rob Salvesen, Kopparberg’s Head of Marketing, said in the press release: "Classic cocktails over the years have always had bold fruity flavours. As experts in premium fruit refreshment, we felt it was a natural extension for the brand.

"[We] wanted to add something different to the category with our modern take on classic cocktails. Expertly mixed and with a flavour profile that is refreshing and accessible, we wanted to create a sparkling cocktail collection that brought even more shoppers to this exciting, growing category.”

The summer drinks launches are starting to roll in and these are going straight on our to-try list!

Available in Morrisons and Asda now, with wider retailer distribution from 27 April.

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