Komodo Dragon Lay Eggs In A Historic Australian First

A Komodo Dragon has made history by successfully laying 15 eggs at an Australian Zoo, The Australian Reptile Park are celebrating the historic achievement as no other zoo, sanctuary of facility have successfully bred Komodo Dragons in the country and led through to the egg laying stage. This means positive signs for the breeding program and an important step for the species as they are considered under threat in the wild. Keepers were required to retrieve the eggs to ensure the ultimate chance of survival with such a long incubation period (8 months), the eggs are under lock and key, and keepers must keep a close eye on the eggs at all times. The eggs will now have daily temperature checks and weekly egg weighing. Another part of the checking in process is "candling", a process in which keepers hold a torch behind the egg to see the formation of the baby dragon inside the egg. For now, it is a waiting game as the staff eagerly wait (8months) for the eggs to hatch.

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