Instagram now tells people when you've screenshotted their photo

Dusty Baxter-Wright
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Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Admit it: we all want to know when someone's taken a screen shot of our Instagram. Whether it's your Instagram Story, your Instagram grid post or your Instagram DMs: if someone screenshots it, we want to know about it.

Sadly Instagram haven't yet introduced the function for Stories (damn it), but it's bad news for all those screenshots you've got saved on your photo stream, because as of the end of 2018, Instagram users will be able to know when you print screen their photos, and you'll be able to know when they do it to you.

According to The Tab, the new update means that when you're sending and receiving photos via DM on Instagram, if the person you're sending it to decides to screenshot the picture and save it to their camera roll, the sender receives a notification saying the person has screenshotted their photo and now has it in hard copy. Much like Snapchat really.

Users will also be told when their messages have been 'delivered' and 'seen', and when photos have been 'opened', to make being ghosted all the more apparent. It's like being blue ticked on Whatsapp all over again. JOYS.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

While this is certainly not as scary for social media stalkers as if someone got notifications when you screenshot their actual Instagram posts - or their STORIES - it's certainly a step in that direction. It's especially helpful for those of you (we see you) sending sneaking DMs you shouldn't be, because now you know if people save them.

Could we start getting notifications if someone screenshots our grid? Our photos? Our Instagram stories? We're scared to even think about it.

Instagram users can also now unsend DMs, in case you're worried about certain messages getting screengrabbed. To unsend a message you've sent over Instagram:

  1. Tap in the top-right corner of Feed

  2. Select the conversation and go to the message you'd like to unsend

  3. Tap and hold on the message, and then select Unsend

Maybe that's one way to protect yourself from the new screenshot function.

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