These KitKat Pops Look Moreish As Hell, And We Can't Wait To Try Them

Marianna Gould
·1-min read

From Delish

There's just something about miniature versions of food, am I right? Whether it's Milkybar's Cookies & Cream Bites, Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Chunks, or Little Moons' Mochi Ice Cream, we're obsessed with anything that's perfectly bite-sized and ideal for snacking. And so, when we discovered KitKat Pops, it felt like a no-brainer to let you guys know.

First spotted on Instagram via Kev's Snack Reviews, the treats come in two flavours: Peanut, Corn & Chia, or Hazelnut & Cocoa Nibs. Admittedly, the Peanut, Corn & Chia flavour doesn't sound like much. But, ultimately, they're just balls of biscuit-y chocolate with some added goodness. So, you can 100% count us in!

And it's fair to say Kev's post has got a lot more people talking than just us. One fan commented, "Ohh love the sound of these 😍 especially the Hazelnut ones 🤤." While another tagged a friend and said, "We really need to do a GB Gifts order 😋."

The KitKat Pops are available to purchase online via GB Gifts for £3.99 (140g). BUY NOW

Not sold? That's alright, because there's plenty of new chocolate releases going on right now, including Terry's Chocolate Orange Biscuit Minis (yep, they're actually a thing).

Posted on @helenjtea's Instagram, the orange-flavoured biscuit segments look delicious. Plus, they'll only set you back £1 from Asda!

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