These KitKat Ice Cream Cones Have A KitKat In The Top Instead Of A Flake!

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

You may think it’s a little chilly to be having ice cream right now. And, please excuse me when I say this, but… you’re wrong.

There’s never a bad time to have ice cream, and I feel so strongly about that, I’d like it written on my tombstone. Make a note of that.

The ice cream that’s got us raving so passionately today is this KitKat situation.

KitKat ice cream cones have been spotted in Asda by @newfoodsuk, and they look so delicious. Not only does the vanilla ice cream look super-creamy, and the chocolate look lovely and rich, but get this: there’s a mini KitKat stuffed in the top, like when you get a Flake in a 99p (well, technically, they should be called a £2.50 these days…) from an ice cream van! How cool is that?!

If you’re more partial to a tub of ice cream than an ice cream cone, don’t worry – you can still have your cake KitKat ice cream and eat it.

Nestle and Cadbury recently released two ice cream tubs based on two of the nation’s favourite chocolate bars.

There’s Nestle’s KitKat ice cream, which is chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream with lovely bits of KitKat running through it. Plus, a Cadbury Dairy Milk ice cream, which is creamy vanilla ice cream with big ol’ chunks of Dairy Milk chocolate and a smooth chocolatey centre.

We know about these wonderful new launches thanks to @helenjtea, who shared photos of the ice creams on Instagram, plus some very soothing videos.


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