Is Kitchen Nightmares on tonight, October 30?

 Gordon Ramsay studies a piece of pizza in Kitchen Nightmares.
Gordon Ramsay studies a piece of pizza in Kitchen Nightmares.

Fans love tuning in to see celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay transform struggling restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares season 8. It's appointment television for lots of people, so you might be asking yourself, is Kitchen Nightmares on this Monday, October 30? Read on for important scheduling information for the beloved cooking show.

Fox will be in the thick of MLB's World Series on Monday, October 30, with the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks tied at one game apiece going into Game 3. That means there will be no new episode of Kitchen Nightmares or Special Forces season 2. (We're still confirming whether a rerun of one or both shows will air for West Coast viewers if the game happens to end early; as soon as we have this information, we’ll have it for you right here.)

The next new episode of Kitchen Nightmares will be the "Juicy Box" on November 6. That episode that was originally scheduled to air on October 23.

Here's the episode description from Fox: "A family-run Haitian juice bar and restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., has fallen into utter chaos after the owner's children, who value partying and having fun over the success of their father's business, take over management. Gordon Ramsay steps in to completely transform the restaurant when the owner is given a 60-day deadline to turn a profit."

So far this season, Gordon Ramsay has helped four struggling restaurants — the Bel Aire Diner, Bask 46, In the Drink and Da Mimmo — and after their transformations all three restaurants have seen a great deal of success. Though he's known for being tough and gruff on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay balances tough love and a healthy dose of reality for restaurant owners in Kitchen Nightmares while also being compassionate and sympathetic to the challenging situations that led to their struggles.

This is a great time for Gordon Ramsay fans, as he has a handful of shows on Fox. Over the summer we were treated to Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars and MasterChef, and this fall we're enjoying Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. In the spring we'll have Next Level Chef and MasterChef Junior to look forward to.

Kitchen Nightmares season 8 airs Mondays at 8 pm ET/PT on Fox, with new episodes airing the following day on Hulu.