Kit Check: 7 Things You Need to Upgrade Your Home Workouts

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I’ve had to concrete my home gym floor twice – but not since investing in a set of drop pads. If you’re working with a barbell and weights, these will save you money in the long run, as well as offering some peace of mind when working up to big lifts.
£155.99, BLK BOX

The home gym doesn’t need to be lonely. This app connects you with friends to push your collective activity over a week. I can see how far ahead or behind I am on calories. It also logs your workouts, keeping you accountable in a fun way.
Free on iOS & Android

An essential piece of equipment. The sandbag is the ultimate low-skill, high-impact piece of fitness kit. It’s simple to use and garden/garage-workout friendly. No home training centre is complete without one.
£59.99 for 60kg, BLK BOX

This is the Aston Martin of skipping ropes, and it’s made to last a lifetime. From home boxing training to back-garden WODs, you can hit sessions with speed and world‑leading bearings. Trust me – they make everyone look a lot better instantly.
£59.95, WIT

5) WHOOP 4.0
Whoop is now the world’s leading fitness and strain tracker. It’s not just about individual workouts; it covers what you do for the other 23 hours a day. The new band is smaller, smarter and more durable, while the app offers all the metrics you can think of.
From £18pm, Whoop

The simplest and most ergonomic way to level up the resistance on any of your body-weight movements. Made from heavy-duty nylon, it will last longer than you will, and it’s neater to store around the house than anything else.
£83.99, BLK BOX

A big focus of your training should be on your recovery. The heat and vibration from this back massager are ideal for warming up before workouts or elevating those mobility sessions you really should at least try to do now and then.

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