The Kissing Booth 2's Taylor Zakhar Perez Shares the Skin-Care Lesson He Learned the Hard Way

Jessica Harrington

It took The Kissing Booth 2's Taylor Zakhar Perez a little while to fully appreciate having an aesthetician as a mom. Being a teenager comes with its own list of things to worry about, and taking care of your skin isn't always number one - but he came around eventually.

Perez, who had just finished a Peleton workout when he sat down on Zoom with POPSUGAR, explained his mom went organic in the '80s - you know, before it was even cool - and has emphasized the importance of taking care of your body, both on the outside and inside, his entire life. Growing up, he and his siblings wanted nothing to do with it; in fact, he recalls pretty frequently giving her a hard time about it, but now he credits her for all of his healthy habits - skin-care focused and otherwise. "Everything that [my mom] did was skin-related and food-related," Perez told POPSUGAR. "That's always stuck with me since I was a kid."

Ahead, he walks us through his holistic approach to skin care, and how that led to a perfectly in-sync partnership with Clarins . He also shares the regimen he sticks to while on set to keep his skin from breaking out, The Kissing Boothcast member he'd swap routines with if he had to, and more.