Kindergarten graduate adorably demands applause in heartwarming TikTok

This parent on TikTok posted a hysterical and wholesome video of his son demanding applause from the audience at his kindergarten graduation, and it’s a total mood!

TikToker Mike Dodd (@mikedodd105) is a parent and Down syndrome awareness advocate who shares clips about being a dad to sons Greyson, who has Down syndrome, and Caden. Recently, Dodd shared a hilarious video of Greyson demanding that the audience applaud him upon receiving his kindergarten diploma, and viewers are totally here for it!

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The clip opens with classically chaotic home video footage of Dodd’s camera swiftly panning over a group of students before focusing on Greyson just as he’s about to graduate from kindergarten.

“Greyson Dodd,” an educator announces through a microphone, and the soon-to-be graduate starts marching forward to receive his diploma. “Go, Greyson,” a few children cheer as he walks past his smiling and supportive classmates.

Dodd indicates in the text on-screen that parents were asked to hold their applause until the end of the ceremony, but Greyson had other plans.

The diploma barely makes it out of the teacher’s hand before Greyson turns to the audience of parents and relatives, and hollers, “Clap for Greyson!”

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While the audience applauds and cheers, Greyson gives his teachers a big hug and turns to head back to his place in line. But not before requesting another round of applause.

Not only were viewers entertained by the rising first grader’s epic graduation walk, but many were also beyond moved by the loads of love and support given to Greyson.

“You don’t need a hype man when you are your own. Congratulations, kiddo,” one user said.

“We’re all living in Greyson’s world, and I’m just happy to be a part of it,” joked one TikToker.

“The support they all gave him! From the pat on the back from the first kid to the whole class getting excited and even the guy saying, ‘Beautiful,’” another viewer mentioned.

As shown in Dodd’s video, Greyson is definitely ready to conquer the first grade!

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