Kimberley Marsh says Sarah Harding wanted Girls Aloud reunion

Former Girls Aloud star Kimberley Marsh says her late bandmate Sarah Harding personally asked the band to reunite in order to raise money for cancer charities. Appearing on BBC's Morning Live, Marsh revealed the remaining four wouldn't be performing music together, but that Harding had given the reunion her blessing.

Video transcript

GETHIN JONES: We come back to quite a few rumors as well about a Girls Aloud reunion. What's going on with that?

KIMBERLY MARSH: OK, yeah, I feel like I need to just clear this up a little bit. So there won't be a reunion. As such, we're not going to be getting back on stage together. We still just don't feel ready to get back on stage without Sarah. But we are planning like, an industry fundraiser for her in her memory to raise as much money as we possibly can for cancer research. So, yeah.

GETHIN JONES: This is something as well that Sarah was keen for you to do.

KIMBERLY MARSH: Yeah, no, she did she asked us to do this and it's really important for us that, you know, we make it a big event, but it's all about that.

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