Kim and Khloé Kardashian have been criticised for their Disneyland trip on TikTok, and the video is so awkward

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian, @kimkardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian, @kimkardashian - Instagram

Kim and Khloé Kardashian have come under fire for their recent trip to Disneyland, with fans sharing a super awkward moment from the day on TikTok.

The family headed to the theme park to celebrate Khloé's daughter True's fourth birthday, with Kim's daughter Chicago and the pair's niece (and daughter of Rob Kardashian), Dream, also joining.

While the sisters shared a tonne of pics from the day on their Instagram Stories, other park attendees have now posted some unseen footage of the family enjoying the rides - and it's all very awkward.

TikTok user Rachael Kevin (@shesbrewing) posted a video from the day, claiming that Kim and Khloé had "cut the line." Footage then shows Kim, Khloé and the kids riding the teacups alone, with the rest of the cups completely empty while a big crowd waits in line and watches.

Rachael added the caption, "When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait and watch them... typical." She added that the wait "seemed like forever, " before telling followers that she and her family eventually got on the ride 30 minutes later.

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on the clip, with many commenting on the apparent awkwardness of all the empty teacups spinning around while Kim, Khloé and the kids enjoy the ride.

One TikTok user commented, "Lol I'm sorry but it'll be so awkward for me if I was in that position." Another added, "Don't they feel awkward with people just waiting while they spin in tea cups lol."

However, other fans were keen to point out that there are likely a number of legitimate reasons why the Kardashians chose to reserve the ride for themselves, with many citing security as a concern.

One viewer commented, "Why is everyone so salty [?]. They are with their children. This is just for their protection." Meanwhile, others suggested that the family may have paid extra in order to enjoy privileges at the park.

Hey, maybe we'll find out more later on in The Kardashians.

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