Kim Kardashian's Fringe Is Back! Watch Her Get Her Hair Cut

Kim Kardashian's Fringe Is Back! Watch Her Get Her Hair Cut

Back in December Kim Kardashian stepped out with thick bangs and we LOVED it. But shock horror her new face furniture was just a clip in hair extension. But Kim K obviously was a fan of the face-framing chop too, as she has now finally got the real deal, as she debuted an eye-sweeping fringe when she went out shopping with Kourtney yesterday to pick out baby clothes.

So how do we know this time it's the real deal and not just another clip-on 'winge' (fringe + wig = winge)? Well this is Kim Kardashian, so obviously she did a Miley Cyrus and tweeted pictures of the whole thing. Those are actual scissors chopping her actual hair so we can confirm that this time it was for real.

She's used to her whole life being filmed so naturally she shared the whole thing on It was a big ol' drama as in the video she tries on a winge and says 'decisions, decisions.' She calls her mum Kris, says 'bangs or no bangs' a LOT and is advised to go for a Kate Moss fringe. After much delibaration she finally decides to go for the chop and declares 'Phillip says you should never listen to a pregnant woman, but we'll do it. Alright, let's start. Eek!"

Kim Kardashian's Fringe Is Back! Watch Her Get Her Hair Cut

Kim's maternity wardrobe has been more risque, OTT and boob-tastic than ever. Her mantra is 'if you've got it, flaunt it.' She has had a yo-yo pregnancy style, flipping between McQueen gowns, Mugler creations and uncomfortable androgynous suits. Beauty wise she has experimented with top knots, side plaits and extensions. But we think she has finally mastered her winning pregnancy formula with the casual tailoring + loose white shirt + fringe.

We hope she sticks to this hairstyle for the rest of her pregnancy... but we have a feeling that she might get bored rather quickly. As just after she had the chop she tweeted a picture of her with her fringe scraped back with the caption 'quick way to hide bangs.' Why oh why would you want to hide 'em Kim?

Kim Kardashian's Fringe Is Back! Watch Her Get Her Hair Cut

Right so who is ready to watch Kim's hair cut? Watch the whole thing in the videos below....

Mar 13, 2013 | Decisions decisions... by KimKardashian on

Mar 13, 2013 | Bangs or no??!?!?! by KimKardashian on

Mar 13, 2013 | We did it! by KimKardashian on

Kim is the latest member of the fringe pack, which includes Alexa Chung, Kate Middleton and Beyonce. Oh and who could forget the queen of the fringe Ms Taylor Swift. Yep, bangs have made an almighty comeback. Take a look through the gallery below to see all the stars who have experimented with a fringe...

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