Kim Kardashian's employee uniforms

Kim Kardashian's employee uniforms credit:Bang Showbiz
Kim Kardashian's employee uniforms credit:Bang Showbiz

Kim Kardashian's employees wear uniforms.

The 42-year-old reality TV star revealed that she prefers when her employees are coordinated and wearing a similar palette, although she does not consider them uniforms.

When quizzed by Angie Martinez on her 'IRL' podcast, about whether a dress code for her employees is "intentional", Kim replied: "Absolutely. I have uniforms. It's not like hey, this is like your uniform. It's just palettes."

And Kim revealed that the dress code was discussed with her employees before she brought it in.

She said: "My house is so zen, so I asked how everyone felt about it, and everyone actually said, 'That would make our life so easy' And once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I was like, 'Yes, let's do this.'

"I should have like a free-dress day on their birthdays or something."

Kim previously spoke about her monochromatic house, explaining that things needed to be "zen" at home because her life outside the house is so chaotic.

She told 'Live with Kelly and Ryan': "It's getting harder. It really is getting harder. But you have no other choice sometimes. That's why my house has to be really zen because life, as soon as I step outside, life outside of this house is not zen."

However, her kids don't always approve, especially daughter North, nine.

Kim said: "My kids probably hate me. Like, North will say, 'Your house is so ugly! It's all plain, it's all white!' She thinks it really gets to me. I'm like, 'It's your house too!'"