Kim Kardashian shared a naked photo of Kate Moss to celebrate her birthday

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Getting a birthday tribute on Instagram from Kim Kardashian is a pretty big deal, even if you're Kate Moss. Celebrating the supermodel's 48th over on her Instagram Stories, Kim didn't just post a nice message, instead the Skims founder shared a nude picture of her and Kate in bed together. As you do.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Kim posted not one but three different pictures of the iconic supermodel to celebrate her 48th birthday. The first showed Kate modelling for Kim's shapewear line Skims and the third showed the pair of them walking through Vatican City together.

She captioned the series, "Happy birthday to THE fashion icon! Love you Xo."

However, it was the second image of the three that really got people talking. The picture, shows Kim and Kate naked in bed together wrapped up in white sheets with a strategically placed red heart emoji.

Here's the same photo shared by photographer @pierresnaps to celebrate Kim's birthday back in October:

Plenty of fans took to Twitter to repost the image - which first appeared in Self Service magazine back in October last year - with lots of them saying how much they loved it. Meanwhile others just wanted to know how these two became pals (aside from Kate being the face of Skims, that is).

Well, her name already starts with a 'K' so maybe Kate's becoming an honorary Kardashian?

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