Kim Kardashian West appeals to free death row inmate

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Kim Kardashian West has appealed to the Oklahoma governor to free Julius Jones from the death penalty credit:Bang Showbiz
Kim Kardashian West has appealed to the Oklahoma governor to free Julius Jones from the death penalty credit:Bang Showbiz

Kim Kardashian West has appealed for an incarcerated man to be removed from Death Row.

The 41-year-old reality TV star and aspiring lawyer has urged Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to save the life of Julius Jones, 41, a man who was found guilty of shooting Paul Howell during a carjacking in 1999, but has insisted he is innocent.

In a Twitter thread, Kim revealed to followers that Julius is due to be put to death on Thursday (18.11.21), despite the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board’s recommendation his life be spared and called on the state official to accept the recommendation.

She wrote: "We are all anxiously awaiting a decision from Governor Stitt.

“He can choose to accept the recommendation (for a second time) from the Parole Board, to grant Julius Clemency/Life w. the possibility of parole or have him executed Thursday the 18th.

“Julius, his family and everyone on his team are still hopeful Stitt will do the right thing. Today Julius’ family and close friends received invites to his execution. I can’t even imagine how they all must be feeling right now.(sic)"

Kim detailed the treatment Julius - who was just 19 when the crime took place - has received over the last two weeks and accused the state of being set on "vengeance".

She tweeted: "JuliusJones has been on death watch for more than two weeks. In preparation for his execution on 18 November, he is alone in his prison cell just feet away from the executioner’s chamber.

“He has been strip-searched, x-rayed, and issued a new set of clothes, shoes, mattress and bedding

"Julius is being closely monitored by staff - every meal he has and every liquid he consumes is logged. His personal property has been catalogued and he has designated who is to receive it after he is put to death. He has also designated who will receive his remains.

The state is so bent on vengeance that they will make every effort to ensure they get to kill Julius- including reviving him if he happens to go into cardiac arrest prior to the execution.

"Like all incarcerated people put to death by the Oklahoma Dept of Corrections, #JuliusJones organs are not eligible for donation. The staff who will administer his execution are being selected and trained to put him to his death.

"On Thursday, the Inspector General will obtain the body bag and tag from the medical examiner’s office and all witnesses for the execution will be selected. Next week, they will restrict access to the unit where Julius is housed and they will perform equipment checks.

"At 9pm the day before his execution, #JuliusJones phone privileges will be terminated and he will receive his last meal. He will be checked on every 15 minutes for the last four hours of his life. Then, he will be put to death.

"This is the cold machinery of the Death Penalty in America. In just over two weeks, an innocent man could be put to death. My heart breaks for Julius and so many others who have suffered from such tragic miscarriage of justice.(sic)"

Kim has previously visited Julius in prison and has advocated for other people on death row.

In 2019, she successfully spoke out on behalf of Rodney Reed, a Texas inmate who was convicted of the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites, to get him a fresh trial.

She has done similar work for Brandon Bernard, appealing to the then-US President Donald Trump to stop him being put to death in 2020 and turn his sentence into a life in custody for his involvement in the 1999 kidnapping of two youth ministers Todd and Stacey Bagley.

Kim also persuaded Trump to release Alice Marie Johnson, who had been given a life sentence for a first-time drug offence.

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