Kim Kardashian tells Khloe to ignore trolls criticising her for getting back with Tristan

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Photo credit: Instagram

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Despite Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson recently confirming they're a couple again, the scenes currently playing out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians show the reality star still wrestling with the idea of getting back together with her on-off ex because she's worried about what people will think.

Back in August, Scott Disick seemingly confirmed Khloe and Tristan were back together when he left a comment on one of her fire Instagram bikini photos, writing Tristan is a "lucky man". Unsurprisingly, fans assumed this meant the couple were officially on again following the drama that went down with Jordyn Woods.

Fast forward to today and the fall out from Scott's comment is being shown in the final season of KUWTK. "Scott, I got a whole lot of action this weekend and Friday from your little comment you made on the 'gram," Khloe tells Kourtney's ex in one scene. "The amount of action I received?"

To camera, Khloe reveals she ended up being flooded with messages and even her publicist got in touch.

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"I posted a photo on my Instagram to promote Good American and Scott left a comment saying 'Tristan is a lucky man'. Then I'm getting bombarded with text messages and my publicist saying 'oh my gosh all these media outlets want answers'.

"Honestly, me and Tristan are figuring things out," she says, "but I'm still trying to navigate my way through my feelings and that's how I want to keep it."

Khloe ended up deleting Scott's comment, but the damage had already been done. When Scott tells Khloe it's just his opinion, Khloe says it's not that, but it's "how the public treats me". She goes on, "Then I had to remove my tagged photos. Everyone is putting clown stuff all over me."

At this point Kim also chimes in and tells Khloe to ignore the critics and just do what's right for her. "I'm so over you bowing down to what the public thinks," she says, while Scott adds, "Yeah! Like, f**k them!"

Scott explains that Tristan is "finally being a really good guy" and says it must be hard for Tristan if Khloe is embarrassed by him. But Khloe doesn't see it that way, sharing: "I don't want my peers - people who I love and respect - to look at me and be like 'oh this bitch'. But that's why - when all this outside noise is not around me - we are great. Tristan and I operate fine, we have fun together, it's enjoyable. It's easy."

Scott reminds her that "no matter what you do, people are always going to talk shit".

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To camera, Khloe says she's always been happy to share every aspect of her life but lately she's been really affected by what people are saying about her relationship with Tristan. "I'm not even able to make up my own mind because I'm so flooded with opinions or criticism. I don't even know what's happening so why do I have to be pressured to give people answers that I don't have for myself?" Preach, Khloe!

Watch the scenes play out on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Hayu and E!

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