Kim Kardashian is switching up this part of her glam for a signature Khloé look

"Did Khloé strap her down for these?" is what one Twitter user asked upon sight of Kim Kardashian's nails at the Baby2Baby Gala last week, echoing our sentiments exactly looking at a second set shared yesterday.

Kim, who is most commonly seen sporting a short, neat, nude nail look, has been seen wearing two XL stiletto manicure styles by go-to KarJenner nail artist Kim Truong (kimkimnails), one set of marshmellow French and one in bright green. It's an understatement to say the nails were a big change from Kim's usual functional manis and are much more to the taste of little sisters Khloé and Kylie, both rarely seen without lengthy talons.

Earlier this year Kim told Allure that she "just can't do long nails" and revealed the times we've spotted her with them; "they're usually just taped on for a shoot or the night," or "once in a while for vacation." And Kim's version of long has never quite compared to 'Khlo'-Money' manis... till now.

The first set (French for Baby2Baby) were even a topic of conversation in a family group chat with Khloé, Kim and erm, well either Kylie, Kendall or Kris we assume from the KJ initials — this is the problem with all having the same ones. Post must be a nightmare.

In the screenshot of the chat, Khloé can be seen telling her sister; "Kim your nails are fire too, keep them for a second." Before Kim revealed they were in fact press ons.

The chat made its way to Kim's stories and was playfully re-shared by the nails' creator Kim (wow this is confusing), along with the aforementioned tweet and a post from Khloé with the removed nails and the famous ANTM Tyra Banks quote; "I was rooting for you!!! We were all rooting for you!!! How dare you"

But it seems all this fanfare around the switch up might have given Kimmy a taste for the claw-life, as Kim (Truong) has now shared this second Kim (Kardashian) mani, worn to open the SKKN by Kim pop-up in LA, writing; "Another day, another slay @kimkardashian Neon Green 💅🏼 via @the_gelbottle_inc ‘Sweet Pea’"

With back to back sets in a week — the second not for a shoot, night or vacation — could Kimmy finally be entering her talon era?

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