Kim Kardashian sports shadow roots and choppy layers for an autumn hair refresh

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Today is the day, folks – 23 September officially marks the first day of autumn. So, instead of wallowing over the grey skies and rain that graces us this Friday morning (gah), why not draw up some hair inspo for the new season? In fact, not much scouring is required as Kim Kardashian just served up the perfect hair refresh whilst taking to Fashion Week in Milan. Chic, sì?!

Just like her older sister Kourtney, Kim has opted to change up her long mermaid waves to a style that's a tad shorter. Instead of hip-skimming lengths, her platinum locks with a dark shadow root now sit perfectly at chest length.

Not one to disappoint, Kim styled her hair in a bouncy bouffant blowout and in her – now signature – side parting which shows off those thick choppy layers. Kim's go-to hairstylist, Chris Appleton, whose clientele includes none other than Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez Affleck and Drew Barrymore, took to Instagram to share the look.

In his post, Chris asks his followers what they think of the look, captioning: "What are you guys going to the shorter hair and Kim in Milan?".

And to no surprise, just like us, his friends and fans love the shorter length. In the comments, they wrote:

"Yes I love this hair and length!"

"Bombshell energy !!"

"Love the dark root 😍"

"Perfect style, loving the waves! So sultry ! 👏👏👏"

"This hairrrr 👏😮💨"

Photo credit: Robino Salvatore - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robino Salvatore - Getty Images

To compare the length of today's look (which you can also see in a second snap above), let's reminisce over her previous hairstyle. Just a few days ago on her IG, Kim was sporting long silver waves.

These lengths are, of course, extensions, so, there's no telling whether they have been removed to reveal the shorter style or if she's also had a cut. Or perhaps, just like her big sis, it could all be a hair illusion...

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