Kim Kardashian says she doesn't want to explain who Kris Humphries is to her kids

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Photo credit: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal - Getty Images

In a new teaser clip for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian tells Scott Disick that she's really reluctant to let her kids watch the show when they're older because she doesn't want to have to explain who ex-husband Kris Humphries is.

It's been almost a decade since Kim and Kris got married in August 2011 and quickly split 72 days later, but apparently Kim hasn't told her children anything about the former couple's brief marriage which was broadcast in season 6. And, according to this latest KUWTK teaser clip, she isn't very keen on explaining the whole thing to them either.

In the clip, Kim speaks to Scott about whether any of their kids had ever seen episodes or clips from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She tells him that although North, 7, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2, had never seen full episodes, North has seen bits of the show on TikTok, and, like the rest of the viewers, even makes fun of Kim's crying.

"It's a popular TikTok where they do the crying scene from Bora Bora and pretty much all my crying scenes," Kim says. "So, she's sees that stuff and she'll come in and go, 'Mum I lost my earrings!' [mimicking Kim in the infamous diamond earring in the scene]."

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Scott then says he's been thinking about the fact his kids will inevitably watch the show one day.

"They're gonna watch it at some point because it's our life," he says. "Now, at what point do we sit them down and say 'you're allowed to either go through these seasons and see what mum and dad did all these years,' or at some point they're just gonna be like 'I wanna see...'"

But at this point Kim cuts him off, saying, "I don't really wanna explain who Kris Humphries is..."

Photo credit: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal - Getty Images

Scott then comes in with a little pearl of wisdom, telling Kim, "But, that is your life, that is your past, and at some point they're gonna be interested in seeing everything and they're either gonna do it without us, or with us."

Very wise words from Scott, but let's be honest, if North has TikTok she might already know...

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