Kim Kardashian reveals ‘one-of-a-kind’ item North West will inherit from Kris Jenner’s will

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Kim Kardashian has revealed that her eldest daughter, North West, will inherit a “one-of-a kind” item from her grandmother Kris Jenner’s will.

The 41-year-old reality star discussed the luxury object that North will one day receive during a recent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. During the conversation, Kardashian recalled a time she did a photoshoot with designer Karl Lagerfeld while eight months pregnant with her daughter.

According to the Skims founder, she had heard a “myth” that she’d receive a certain gift from the designer after doing the photoshoot, which she said she was looking forward to.

“The big myth is that he’ll give you a bag on set if it’s like your first photoshoot with him,” she said. “So I was so excited, I was dreaming about what bag he was going to give me. It’s so exciting just to be in his presence.”

Kardashian went on to share that, while she was at the event, her mother walked in and was “decked in head to toe vintage Chanel”. Kardashian said that Lagerfeld “fell in love with” Jenner and “talked to her the whole time”, before he later brought out a clutch at the end of the photoshoot.

“He pulled out this LEGO clutch. It looked like a big LEGO and it was a crystal one,” Kardashian recalled. “It was a one-of-a-kind, just a runway piece that didn’t even go into production.”

Although Kardashian thought that this was “the moment” that Lagerfeld was going to give her the bag, as she said that he had expressed how much he had enjoyed working with her, he opted to “go over” her and “hand it to [her] mom” instead.

According to Kardashian, she didn’t handle the incident well, with the reality star recalling: “I went into the bathroom, started hysterically crying and I’m like pregnant, hormonal, flew all the way to Paris for this.”

The Skkn by Kim founder also shared that she had planned to pass the bag down to North, so Jenner ultimately decided that she would leave the item to her granddaughter in her will.

“I had this whole plan that this was going to be the bag, and it was going to be displayed in [North’s] room,” she continued. “So, my mom has a provision in her will that North gets the bag. God forbid she passes away.”

In addition to North, Kardashian shares three children, Chicago, four, Saint, six, and Psalm, three, with her ex-husband, Kanye West. The reality star first filed for divorce from the rapper in February 2021 and was ruled legally single one year later.

This isn’t the first time that nine year old North has made headlines. During Paris Fashion Week in July, North confronted a group of paparazzi photographers outside of her hotel and called them out for waiting for the famous family “all the time”.