Kim Kardashian recruits White Lotus stars for Skims Valentine’s Day campaign: ‘Marketing genius’

Kim Kardashian has excited fans of The White Lotus with the casting for her upcoming Skims Valentine’s Day collection.

On Monday, Kardashian revealed on Instagram that she decided to recruit real-life best friends Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò, who play Lucia and Mia in season two of the HBO show, for the campaign after watching the show herself.

“I watched The White Lotus and had to have my girls!” Kardashian captioned a series of photos and videos of the actresses posing in limited-edition pink and black Skims outfits. “Launching 26 January. The Skims Valentine’s Day shop.

“It’s back and sexier than ever, starring breakout stars and real-life best friends @simonatabasco and @beagranna together for Skims.”

In a video for the campaign, the Italian actresses, who played best friends and sex workers intent on fulfilling their dreams on season two of the show, giggle with one another as they pose in the new, pink-hued collection. “Tutti indossano Skims,” Tabasco says in Italian, before Grannò follows in English with: “Everybody’s wearing Skims.”

In a press release, Tabasco and Grannò expressed their excitement over the opportunity to star in the Skims campaign together. “I had so much fun shooting the Skims Valentine’s campaign!” Grannò said, adding: “Having the opportunity to work alongside my friend Simona and to experience our first global fashion campaign together is something very special.”

Tabasco reiterated her friend’s joy to work with the brand while praising Skims and everything the shapewear company stands for. “I love everything Skims stands for!” she said. “To be featured in a global fashion campaign with Beatrice that celebrates friendship, women, and feeling empowered and sexy in your own body is so rewarding.”

On social media, the decision to star Tabasco and Grannò in the new Skims campaign has been met with praise from fans of both the show and Kardashian.

“I absolutely love the fact that Kim K recruited the girls from White Lotus season two to model for Skims,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “The collab we didn’t know we needed just dropped.”

Someone else described the campaign as “iconic and groundbreaking,” while another said they were “obsessed” with the decision to star the actresses.

“This is everything to me,” one person added.

Others praised the “genius” campaign from a “marketing” perspective. “Say what you want about @KimKardashian but nabbing The White Lotus S2 breakout stars for a @skims campaign? She’s a marketing genius,” one person tweeted, while another said: “White Lotus’ Mia and Lucia for Skims. Shut up, this is a genius-level campaign.”

“This is what we call brilliant, ahead-of-the-curve marketing!” someone else said. “Love this!”

In addition to praise for the upcoming collection, the Skims collaboration with The White Lotus stars also prompted some to suggest other possible Skims model recruits from the show.

“Kim. We want Theo James. Make it happen,” one person joked, while suggesting a future collab with the actor, who played Cameron on the show. Others suggested Skims should work with Jennifer Coolidge, who played Tanya, in the future. “We want @jennifercoolidge too!” another person wrote, while someone else said: “Have @jennifercoolidge next please!”

The limited-edition Skims Valentine’s Day collection, which was shot and directed by artist and photographer Donna Trope, will be released on 26 January on