Kim Kardashian Melts Her M&Ms In The Microwave So Of Course We Did It Too

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Getty/Kim Kardashian

From Delish

Kourtney Kardashian taught us how to eat Kit Kats, Khloe Kardashian is the fountain of knowledge when it comes to storing Oreos, and now Kim Kardashian has taught us all a valuable lesson on how to eat M&Ms.

Kim Kardashian has taken to social media to teach us how best to enjoy the chocolate snack: microwave them. Yup, you ‘eard – Kim K microwaves her M&Ms.

Alongside a video of her squeezing her gooey M&Ms, she said: “This is how you eat M&M’s! Microwave them for 30 seconds then enjoy the melted magic!”

In the video, which she shared with her 62million Twitter followers, you can hear Kim say, “I love it when they crack. They’re just warm and gooshy (is that a word?) on the inside. If you put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, the goal is to be warm and melty on the inside, and crunchy on the outside.”

She continued, “This is my secret to life, guys. It’s so satisfying in your mouth. Please try it someone.”

So we did! Because who are we to argue with Her Majesty, Kim K.

After running across the road to M&M’s World, the Delish UK team gave it a go and the verdict is in…

Vicky Chandler, Editor, says: “It’s a thumbs up from me. But I probably wouldn’t go to the effort of microwaving them.”

Maz Gould, Production Assistant, says: “I rather liked the gooeyness.”

Bobbie Edsor, Social Media Editor, says: “Yeah, I thought they were nice. Kinda just the same, but hotter.”

Anna Lewis, News Editor, says: “They just taste like they’ve been sat in a car for a week.”

To sum up… M&Ms are always going to be nice whether they're hot or cold, so…

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Also putting it in the UK Delish Hub spreadsheet in case