Kim Kardashian’s 'Luxe Barbie' updo is her best glam yet

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

Remember when #BarbieCore was big-time trending? Yeah, well, it's happening again thanks to Kim Kardashian's most recent beauty look. TBH, seeing as she is the trendsetter for mermaid waves, the 'wet flip' bun and the *very* 00s side fringe, is it really a surprise that people are loving her 'Luxe Barbie' look? P.S. That was aptly coined by her hairstylist, the one and only Chris Appleton.

Taking to Instagram to show off the top-tier glam, both Kim and Chris posted a selection of snaps. For the look, her hair has been pulled up into a very high messy bun with face-framing softly curled bangs. Never mind Barbie core, this is totally giving us Pam core vibes, aka TikTok's version of a Pamela Anderson-inspired look.

Accompanying Chris on the glam was Kylie Jenner's longtime MUA, Ariel Tejada. For Kim's glam beat, Ariel opted for a rosy pink cheek, a nude lip and a dark black on the water line.

Luxe it sure is. Though, it's only appropriate seeing as she is wearing hypnotic disco ball underwear. C'mon Kim, give us all a chance!

Now, if you too want to make like Kim, then luckily for you not too long ago Chris shared a video tutorial on how to get this very look. Watch the below video to be transported back to the 90s...

Easier than it looks, right?!

Well, I guess I better put my money where my mouth is and get practising. It's what Kim would want, I suppose.

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