Kim Kardashian just rocked the sleekest and chicest bun we’ve ever seen

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We all know by now that the Kardashian family have an incredible glam squad at their beck and call. So much so, we could pick out some major beauty moments for each and every one of them. Take Kim Kardashian herself.

The second oldest Kardashian sister has rocked hairstyles that scream 90s nostalgia, a hairstyle that cost her a casual $10,000 (over £7,000) that screams… well, rich. And recently, much more stripped-back looks, including her no makeup makeup campaign for Skims.

In one of her latest looks, Kim is sporting what can only be described as one of the chicest ballerina buns of all time.

Celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero posted a series of snaps from a look he created for Kimmy. From the front, her hair is brushed back and looks super sleek and polished. Then, in a picture from the back, we can see that it has been twisted and pinned into a very neat little bun. Suddenly, I feel like my bun game needs some serious work.

But that’s not all. Can we take a moment for that shine? The camera light is bouncing off Kim’s hair and it looks like a mirror. Swipe along to see it for yourself – but maybe grab your sunnies first…

So, as well as requesting a hair tutorial from Jesus on how to re-create this bun for our days working from home, I’d also love to know what shampoo, conditioner and hair mask Kim is currently using.

✨ Thank yew. ✨

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