Kim Kardashian Just Launched A Holiday Beauty Collection

Jenna Rosenstein
Photo credit: KKW Beauty


Just days after a massively successful launch of three new fragrances, Kim Kardashian is back with a "glitzy" KKW Beauty holiday collection that is like nothing we expected. The five iridescent glosses and loose highlighting powders are called Ultra Light Beams, named after her husband Kanye West's song from the album The Life Of Pablo. This new collection (launching December 1) marks the first time KKW has branched into true color cosmetics (other than contouring kits, she also has a few nude lipsticks). The glosses are thick-as-glue, unscented, but not sticky or tacky. While the loose powders are intimidatingly glittery in the tube, they apply like a whisper-not a wash-of shimmer. It's safe to say that like the song they're named after, Kardashian West is going to have another hit on her hands.

We spoke with the beauty mogul to discuss the Ultra Light Beams collection, the rumor about a Kanye West beauty line, and what North West really thinks of her mom's sparkly makeup.

Photo credit: KKW Beauty

HB: Why was now the right time to launch the lip glosses and highlighting powders? KKW: 'My glosses are more of a sheer gloss, but they have this pigment in it. It's really pretty, but you can layer them with the highlighter, you can make it an eyeshadow and put the gloss on top, and have this really intense wet eye that looks really cool. Or I love just a gloss that looks juicy but not too much on your lips. That's what my intention was. We're selling them in sets together, and that is my version of a little stocking stuffer. I wanted a holiday collection to come out, just fun and glitzy for the holidays.'

HB: How long have these been in the works? Were you inspired by Pat McGrath or any other lip kits?

KKW: 'It's been in the works since the beginning really. Honestly when Kanye had his song called 'Ultralight Beam,' I thought, 'Oh my god, there has to be a highlighter called ultra light beam.' That was before I was even doing the contour, I had that idea. It's been in the works for months. I got inspired by some random glitzy lip and eye that my stylist brought in. She always brings these references for what I want to do for hair and makeup. It's these really old 2000s references, and they're really cool. The highlighters can be intense, but the lips aren't that intense. It's really juicy and glitzy.'