Kim Kardashian just dressed up as Baby Spice for #ThrowbackThursday

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: Getty Images,Instagram/@KimKardashian
Photo credit: Getty Images,Instagram/@KimKardashian

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Ever the #ThrowbackThursday fan, Kim Kardashian has channelled everyone from Cher to Elle Woods over the years. And overnight Kim has just gone and recreated another nostalgic fashion icon: Baby Spice. Defined by her love of mini dresses, go-go platform boots, high pigtails and, her accessory of choice, the lollipop - what's not to love about Emma Bunton's '90s vibe? I think it's safe to say we are all craving a little bit of childhood nostalgia right now so bring it on.

Kim took to Instagram overnight to reveal her girl band-inspired look and we are very here for it. Wearing double snakeskin (the precursor to double denim?), Kim is shown chillaxing on a fluffy armchair that wouldn't look out of place on The Spice Bus. Dressed in a blue mini skirt and contrasting earthy-toned boob tube top, we can totally imagine this look finished with a pair of patent leather heeled boots.

Of course, no Baby Spice tribute is complete without her iconic hair - the high pigtails coupled with the loose face-framing strands.

For those of you in any doubt as to the connection between Kim's 'fit and Baby, the star captioned her post simply "Baby Spice" - so we're not reading too much into anything here.

Check it out:

We have to admit, Kim makes for a pretty good Baby Spice. I wonder who her sisters would be if they had to recreate the entire Spice gang? Kourtney or Kendall as Posh? And Khloé as Sporty or Scary? Kylie would make a fierce Ginger, just sayin'. Wow, wouldn't it be great if they went all-out and dressed as the whole squad for Halloween 2021? You saw it here first.

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