Kim Kardashian feared hair would 'fall out' amid blonde makeover for Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian was concerned her hair would "fall out" amid her blonde transformation for the 2022 Met Gala.

The reality TV star walked the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York back in May wearing the crystal-studded gown the Hollywood icon wore when she sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John F. Kennedy back in 1962.

To match the look, Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde, and during the latest episode of Hulu's The Kardashians, she discussed how it took two days to prepare her brunette locks before the product could be applied.

"This hair dyeing process is so tedious and annoying. We don't have a shampoo bowl, so we have to rinse it a million times. It is what it is," she said in a confessional. "It has to be the right colour (and) my hair can't fall out. We have to get it right because we have one day to dye it, so we are going to be up for the next 15 hours just dying it."

And while Kim had to sit in a salon chair for a long time, hairstylist Chris Appleton praised her dedication.

"We are just on a time crunch to get it blonde for the Met, which is tomorrow. At the moment, it is half black and half blonde. The last time we took a week to do the colour and now we have two days to do it," he explained. "She is ready to sit down for 15-hour sessions, but every strand of hair matters so we are just taking it really slow."