Kim Kardashian considering restraining order against obsessed fan

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Kim Kardashian is mulling whether she should seek a restraining order against a man who posted her a package containing a diamond engagement ring.

The gift, which also included an emergency contraceptive, was delivered to the reality TV star last week and was intercepted by Kim's security team, who believe the fan behind the package is the same guy who has shown up to her house multiple times since February, according to

Last month, he returned and tried to invite Kim out for dinner.

He has also posted a self-made marriage certificate online, which reads: "Queen Kimberly is sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor".

Kim, who is in the middle of divorcing Kanye West, recently won a protective order against another man who professed his love for her after she claimed he was growing frustrated from failed attempts to get inside her home, the U.S. gossip site reports.

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