Kim Kardashian changes Instagram post after being accused of using it to have dig at her sister Kourtney

Kim Kardashian has changed a message about officiating at Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton’s wedding after she was accused of using it to have a dig at her sister Kourtney.

The reality TV star, 42, had said on Instagram about taking the role at the pair’s Las Vegas nuptials on 22 April: “There’s no one I would have officiated a rock n roll Vegas wedding for other than @chrisappleton1 and @lukasgage.”

Fans speculated it was Kim “throwing shade” at sister Kourtney and Travis Barker’s April 2022 wedding in Sin City, which none of her siblings attended, while some of Kim’s fans said they doubted it was “that deep”.

But in the wake of the rumours, Kim changed the post to: “I was so honored to be able to officiate a wedding in Vegas!!! I couldn’t be happier for you both @chrisappleton1 and @lukasgage.”

Kim posted the Instagram message about Lukas and Chris’ wedding days after the season three trailer for the ‘Kardashians’ revealed tension between her and Kourtney.

The row seemed to stem from Kim debuting a collaboration with Dolce and Gabanna four months after Kourtney, 44, wore the designer’s outfits for each of her wedding looks.

The siblings have feuded on the Hulu show before, with their sibling Khloé, 38, saying their “tension goes way back.”

Kim revealed last April she found out Kourtney and rapper Travis Barker, 47, had got married in Las Vegas via a message on the family group chat.

She told ‘Jimmy Kimmell Live’: “I was sleeping”, before she woke up to a flood of messages about the nuptials.

Kim added: “She put it in the group chat. Like, ‘Oh, hey guys, by the way... I got married last night!’

“And I woke up to like, a million texts.”