Kim Kardashian blasts 'dumb' Photoshop claims

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Kim Kardashian has taking aim at her critics credit:Bang Showbiz
Kim Kardashian has taking aim at her critics credit:Bang Showbiz

Kim Kardashian has blasted "dumb" Photoshop claims after being accused of editing out her belly button.

The 41-year-old old SKIMS founder has responded after some critics claimed she had airbrushed some pictures over the weekend, which showed her in a set from her clothing line, including a lounging bra and high-waisted shorts under black sweatpants.

On Tuesday (26.04.22), she fired back on her Instagram Story and said: "Come on guys... Seriously! This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button???? (sic)"

In another post, she used the opportunity to promote her Skims range.

She added: "Belly button insecurities? Well... why don't you head on over to to conceal that saggy belly button of yours with a great pair of high-waisted underwear like I did! You're welcome!!! (sic)"

Her comments come after she launched her SKIMS swimwear line earlier this month, and she insisted her goal was to create a "simple" process with "something here for everyone".

She said at the time: "I know our customers have been wanting this from us for such a long time.

"We've really taken the time to make sure we're offering the best solutions for our customers. Buying swimwear should be fun and easy, yet so many women feel daunted by it."

"I wanted to change that and make the process as simple as possible by providing a full swim wardrobe — both for in and out of the water.

"There is truly something here for everyone…the collection is designed to be layered and built upon."

Meanwhile, Kim recently revealed her man Pete Davidson is a huge fan of his girlfriend's shapewear brand and loves how comfy the t-shirts and underwear from the boyfriend collection are.

The 'Kardashians' star said: "[Pete] has the boyfriend collection, the shirts and T-shirts and underwear. Super comfy. Every guy enjoys it. It's the most soft and comfy ever."