Kim Kardashian bans staff from wearing bright colours

Kim Kardashian bans staff from wearing bright colours

Kim Kardashian makes her employees follow a strict dress code when they are working at her home.

The 42-year-old reality TV star has famously decorated her California house in a minimalist style sticking to a neutral colour palette and not allowing any clutter - and she's now revealed her staff have to fit in with her style when they are working there.

Speaking on Angie Martinez's 'IRL' podcast, Kim was asked if her staff have to adhere to a dress code and she replied: "Absolutely. I have uniforms."

She went on to explain there aren't exact uniforms but she gives all her employees a colour palette they must adhere to.

Kim said they are allowed to pick from "greys, heather grey, black, navy, white, cream, khaki … I mean, we can stick with all neutrals. Not a lot of colour blocking."

However, 'The Kardashians' star insists she isn't forcing her employees to do anything they don't want to.

She went on: "My house is so zen, so I asked how everyone felt about it and everyone actually said 'that would make our life so easy'.

"And once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I was like 'yes, let's do this'.''

Kim concluded by joking she should allow her employees to have a "free dress day on their birthdays or something".

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim opened up about her minimalist home style - insisting her decor choices have divided her fan base.

She conceded: "When I post pictures of my house, [social media followers are] either like, 'Wow, this is so minimal and crazy' or they get it. But I love it."