Kim Kardashian accused of ‘stealing’ North’s childhood after ‘fashionista’ Instagram

Kim Kardashian has been accused of teaching her eldest daughter “greed” and ‘stealing her childhood’ after she praised her for being a “fashionista” at six years old.

Kardashian shared a picture of North eating ice cream while dressed in a snake print top and denim shorts which she teamed with over-sized earrings and a pair of custom-made Carolina Lemke sunglasses.

“I didn’t think my daughters love for my clothes and jewellery would happen so soon,” she captioned the Instagram shot. “I’ll literally be working and come home to find North dressed up in all of my things.

“I made her these kid size @carolinalemkeberlin sunglasses because I really wouldn’t share mine lol! I love my fashionista Northie so much!”

Kardashian was criticised for allowing her daughter to ‘grow up too fast’ with others refusing to believe she styled herself, instead claiming Kardashian picked out the outfit.

“She’s like 6 or something?! No way is she ‘styling’ herself,” wrote one.

Another posted: “Teach them, love, humbleness, humility and respect instead of teaching them vanity, greed etc (sic).”

A third wrote: “Beautiful LITTLE girl keep her that way while it lasts....enough with the makeup and dress up.”

Another disgruntled follower commented: “Don’t steal her childhood away. Protect it, nourish it & cherish it. Growing up will happen invariably but she will never get these days back. So be a REAL MOMMY and ask her to get rid of these hideous things.”

Others defended the post, hailing North a “fashion icon” and joking that the famous tot “is living her best life”.

One fan wrote: “Ignore all the negative comments people are being so stupid. I use to dress in my mums clothing, wear her makeup and heels when I was North’s age. It’s normal.”

Another posted: “Letting her be herself is the best gift that you can give her.”

The post comes weeks after Kardashian was slated for allowing North to wear dark lipstick to one of her father, Kanye West’s Sunday Services. The reality TV star later shared a series of photos documenting North's tantrum after she refused to let her wear a pair of her snake skin print boots.

Kardashian and West also have son Saint, three, and daughter Chicago, one. They are currently awaiting the arrival of their fourth child, a son, via a surrogate.