Kim K works regrowth into striking black and blonde skunk effect bun

Kim Kardashian has been rocking the regrowth lately, as we've seen her subtle dirty root turn into a more statement feature of her platinum blonde styles.

Just last week at the LACMA Art & Film Gala in LA we couldn't help but notice the growing presence of Kimmy's natural raven locks, not just at her parting but underneath too.

Well what a difference a week makes because Kim and co-conspirator hair stylist Chris Appleton just pushed down pedal to the metal on the accelerator. Kim attended the star studded Baby 2 Baby charity gala in LA on Sunday night with the most striking skunk-effect black and blonde bun.

Using the bold parting roots as a core central streak of colour, dark regrowth round the front of the hairline was pulled back to create distinct skunk streaks when looked at head on.

Now the regrowth could be a sign Kimmy's been just too busy to get her roots done, but given she and Chris had a 15 hour dying process in the latest episode of The Kardashains, and how many carpets Kim has walked the last week... We doubt it.

We were already speculating on whether the regrowth could be a sign she's trying to lay off the damage, or even head back to brunette, when Chris left this less than subtle indicator in an LACMA caption.

Writing; "Who votes we keep the blonde 👱🏼♀️? Glam last night on Kim for the lacma red carpet"

Now going from blonde to dark takes a bit less than 15 hours, and it would be quite easy to take her allover dark again, but there are benefits to dying with some natural regrowth first. Or perhaps they're just having plenty of fun with the roots before they go back?

Either way we're here for it.

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