Kim Jong-un’s daughter appears in public for second time

Kim Jong-un appears in public with daughter for second time (AP)
Kim Jong-un appears in public with daughter for second time (AP)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter has made a surprise public appearance for the second time with her father.

The daughter, Ju Ae, believed to be Kim’s second child is thought to be aged between 9-10-years-old and was first unveiled to the outside world last weekend. State media photos at the time showed her observing the North’s intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

In their second public outing, the pair have now been seen posing for photos with soldiers, scientists and others involved in the launch.

State media outlet KCNA described her as Kim’s “most beloved” or “precious” child, a more honorific title than her previous description as the North Korean leader’s “beloved” child in its November 19 dispatch.

State media-released photos showed the daughter in a long, black coat holding her father’s arm as the two posed for a photo with officials involved in the launch.

KCNA reported that Mr Kim and his daughter found the crowd "filled with boundless passion and happiness" as they expressed "the highest glory and ardent reverence for him".

Mr Kim was quoted as saying: "It is the truth taught by history that only when we become the strongest - not the weak - in the present world where the strength in showdown just decides victory, can we defend the present and future of the country and nation.”

He also said that scientists and technicians should "make a do-or-die struggle and thus expand and bolster up the nuclear war deterrent of the country at an exceptionally rapid speed".

Some photos showed the pair standing in the middle of a line of uniformed soldiers before a massive missile atop a launch truck. Others showed Kim’s daughter clapping her hands, exchanging handshakes with a soldier.

Her second appearance has raised speculation that she could be a successor in the making.