'Kill me': Van attack suspect shouts to police after Toronto collision

This video shows the moment police confronted and arrested a man suspected of driving into pedestrians in Toronto.

Ten people died and 15 were injured, some of them critically, when a white van mounted the pavement on a busy central street in the Canadian city.

In the first video, a police officer stands in front of the man, who appears to be pointing something back at him.

He can be heard shouting "kill me" and "I've a gun in my pocket".

The police officer continues to tell him to "get down".

As the man approaches the police officer, the person filming the video ducks in his car.

When the camera returns to street view, the man can be seen lying down on the floor while the police officer handcuffs his hands behind his back.

Canada's public safety minister Ralph Goodale would not say what may have motivated the attack.

He said: "The investigation is at a stage where no further information can be confirmed at this point.

"The police are conducting obviously their thorough investigation to determine what happened and why it happened, the motivations involved."