Kiera Hayler hits back at Katie Price

Kieran Hayler has hit back at Katie Price credit:Bang Showbiz
Kieran Hayler has hit back at Katie Price credit:Bang Showbiz

Kieran Hayler is focused on the "best interests and safety" of his children.

The fitness trainer's ex-wife, Katie Price, has claimed their relationship has entirely "broken down" to the point where she barely sees their two kids, Jett, nine, and eight-year-old Bunny, because they haven't lived with her for seven months.

And Kieran has now hit back at the former glamour model, insisting her "version of events" has not "accurately portrayed" the reality of their current co-parenting situation.

His spokesperson told The SunOnline: "This is categorically untrue....

“Kieran's focus remains on the children's best interest and in maintaining the children's best interests and safety at all times - Miss Price's version of events are never accurately portrayed."

The comments from Katie - who also has Harvey, 20, with former boyfriend Dwight Yorke, and Junior, 17, and 15-year-old Princess with first husband Peter Andre - features in her new TV show 'Katie Price: Trauma and Me', and Kieran's representative went on to criticise programme makers for not getting in touch with him for his side of the story.

The spokesperson said: "It is a shame the producers of the program did not feel it appropriate to balance the claims by interviewing the father' who have first hand kept the children in a loving, caring and stable environment.”

The 44-year-old beauty told the show she was finding it hard having "limited access" to her youngest children and felt the situation was damaging to all of their mental health.

She said: “The hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in the recent months is having limited access to some of my kids. Recent events have meant I’m seeing my youngest children less and the relationship between me and their father has broken down.

“It’s not good for my mental health and it’s certainly not good for their mental health. They should be having their mum in their life. At the moment I’m stuck in this rut with Jett and Bunny and it is frustrating for me.

“You know, seven months, how has it even got to this? It’s heartbreaking and I just wish it wasn’t like this. All I can do is hope that this won’t be forever.”

Katie finds it particularly difficult when she sees Kieran's fiancee Michelle Penticost - who has a restraining order against the reality TV star - "playing happy families" with her children on social media.

Showing viewers a photo of Michelle and Bunny in matching outfits, she said: "Michelle’s posed with Bunny in a matching outfit. When your head’s all like this and they’re playing happy families with my kid, that’s enough for a mother to go through, let alone everything else I’m trying to go through.”