When Your Kids Draw Your Portrait, The Truth Can Be Hard To Take

When Your Kids Draw Your Portrait, The Truth Can Be Hard To Take
Kids' drawings don't always end up looking as they're meant to - but that'swhy they're so funny

Kids’ drawings don’t always end up looking as they’re meant to – but that’s why they’re so funny.

If they’re not making spaceships look like penises, they’re drawing portraits of their mum and dad that are, well, brutally honest.

Australian blogger Constance Hall shared a photo on Facebook of her daughter’s latest drawing under the header: “My mum is special because... she has long hair.” Only the long hair didn’t seem to be on her head.

“When your daughter draws a picture of you and the caption says I’m special because I have long hair, you realise it may be time to trim the pubes,” Hall joked on Facebook.

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Her post attracted nearly 3,000 comments from mums and dads who knew only too well how that innocent-looking portrait can actually be pretty rude.

They shared their own drawings from their kids, and we’ve scrolled through the masses to show the best of the lot. (See the whole thread here if you want more laughs).

Click on the Facebook photo to see the images bigger.

“Pink for mum, blue for dad”

“Apparently the black circle is the belly button”

“No body, but at least I’m smiling!”

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“We all have big butts”

“Snap with the long hair”

“He crossed out my boobs and put them lower”


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