Kick-Ass reboot and Kingsman 3 are ready to go, says director Matthew Vaughn


Matthew Vaughn may be busy right now with promoting his latest action movie Argylle, but it seems like he’s already got a slate of films ready to film. The Kingsman director gave us an update on his upcoming movies, which include another installation of the spy franchise, a musical, and the Kick-Ass reboot.

Speaking to the Inside Total Film podcast and GamesRadar+, we asked the director if his planned Kick-Ass reboot is the next movie on his list. "[That’s] being worked on as we speak," Vaughn tells us. "I'm in a weird business, logistical moment in my life where I’ve got to figure out who my partners are going to be because we've got quite a few, as you know, we have a lot of things ready."

He continues: "So we have to make Kingsman 3 before Taryn [Egerton] and Colin [Firth] are just too old. There is the reboot of Kick-Ass, which the idea is so of its time that we have to get on with it as well. We would like to make the next Argylle and then I have a musical which I'm prepping at the moment as well. So we're going to be busy but we've been polishing our weapons we're now ready to start firing but I just need to know what aircraft carrier I'm firing them from, which I don't have. I need an aircraft carrier."

Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Argylle
Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa in Argylle

Vaughn first shared his plans for a reboot of the Kick-Ass series back at New York Comic-Con last year. He confirmed the plans for a new addition to the franchise but clarified none of the previous cast will be returning for it. There have been rumors that it will focus on Patience Lee, who was the lead of a new Kick-Ass comic in 2018, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Kingsman 3 has been up in the air since the release of the second movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle back in 2017. The rumored title is Kingsman: The Blue Blood, and it will mark the conclusion to Eggsy and Harry’s story. Not much more is known yet.

Vaughn’s latest film is Argylle, which stars Bryce Dallas Howard as reclusive author Elly Conway, who is behind a hugely popular spy saga starring suave Agent Argylle (played by Henry Cavill). However, when her fiction starts to get too close to the truth, Elly finds herself sucked into real-life international spy warfare.

For our full interview with Vaughn, listen to this week’s edition of the Inside Total Film podcast, which is out on Thursday. We also spoke to him about the film’s R-rating and why Henry Cavill was the perfect casting choice.

Argylle arrives in UK theaters on February 2 and US theaters on February 3. Check out our guide to the best action movies for more thrilling flicks to watch.