Khloé Kardashian's facial scar 'healing so wonderfully' after precancerous tumour removal

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Khloé Kardashian has provided an update on her recovery after having a tumour removed from her face as a result of a skin cancer scare.

The reality TV star previously revealed on her Instagram Story she had a precancerous melanoma on her cheek that needed to be surgically removed.

After being photographed with a bandage on her face at the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday, Khloé responded to a fan asking how well the scar is healing.

On Twitter, a fan wrote, "Koko, so proud of you for taking care of your skin and rocking your band-aid at all these high-fashion events. Do you know when you get to take it off?"

Khloé responded, "Trust me it's not easy lol but it will help my scar not stretch out any bigger than it has to be. Right now it's healing so wonderfully.

"I do laser treatments on it and it's healing so so well. They want me to wear it for six months but I'm not sure I will go that long."

She added, "It's already been a couple months and I'm really proud that I've been this diligent with it."

Following the New York City event, Khloé answered other fan questions about her look. When one user tweeted asking if she was worried about a nip slip in her dress, the Good American founder replied, "I was worried the entire time... it was in my head the whole time."

She continued, "I was using double sided tape all throughout the top of that dress but still I was worried."