Khloé Kardashian sports dark ombré roots, complete with very 2008 face-framing layers

If there's one thing to know about Khloé Kardashian, it's that she has a great (emphasise on great) set of locks. I mean, her hairstory (soz) speaks for itself. From that full-fringe cut to tiramisu highlights and even *those* Hollywood movie curls, there's not much the star hasn't experimented with. But I guess she is the Kardashian hair chameleon, after all.

Having said that, today, KoKo has pared all back with a look we like to call the Pamela Anderson updo. Now, you may recognise this as either that 90s g-string number (IYKYK) or from Khloé's sister, Kim when she famously resurrected the look circa Kourtney Kardashian's Portofino wedding 2022... you keeping up?

But I digress, for no matter the inspiration, Khlo has put her own 2008-meets-2023 twist on the look with a cut and colour combo like no other. Enter: Ombré roots and those pre-2010 dated (but not out-dated!) layers.

Subtle, I know but a super chic look.

Embracing her natural hair regrowth, Khloé's roots are of a darker brunette shade in comparison to her lighter blonde lengths but have been blended ever so seamlessly for an ombré effect. As for the face-framing layers, well, they're giving peak 00s glamour but with a chunky modern curl, ofc.

As ever, credit must be given to the glam squad who worked this magic. Irinel de León took to the effortless bun, while Ash K Holm worked up Khlo's golden matte glam.

Best look yet? Me thinks so!

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