Khloé Kardashian shares first photos of three-month-old son

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Khloé Kardashian shared the first photos of her three-month-old son with the public on Sunday.

The Kardashians star took to Instagram on 30 October with two photos of her four-year-old daughter True and her three-month-old son.

In the photos, the pair were dressed for Halloween, with True wearing an Owlette costume and the baby in a Tigger onesie.

True is shown smiling while holding her baby brother towards her, so only the back of his onesie with the hood pulled up is visible. The photos do not reveal his face.

"Shhhhh... But I can't wait for Halloween to be over," Khloé captioned the post.

The reality TV star has not yet revealed the three-month-old baby's name to fans.

The boy - who Khloé shares with her ex Tristan Thompson - was born on 28 July via a surrogate.

She previously gave fans a glimpse of the baby in the season two premiere of her family's Hulu show, The Kardashians, in September.

In the footage, she is seen cradling the infant in a hospital bed shortly after his birth.

"I am so grateful. It's such a beautiful gift that we're able to have," she said in a confessional of meeting her son.