Khloé Kardashian is living her best life in candid TikTok video dancing at a party

Khloé Kardashian has never been one to shy away from a good time. Since the early Keeping Up with the Kardashians days, she's always been the life and soul of every event, and it seems her penchant for partying is just as strong today as it was back then.

Because the 38-year-old has just posted a TikTok of her truly living her best life while dancing at a party, complete with the classic Khloé humour that we all know and love. The video in question shows the Good American founder dressed in a figure-hugging strapless black dress, matching gloves, and her signature honey blonde hair scraped back in a slick ponytail.

To accompany the shots of her dancing, the mum-of-two dropped one of Jennifer Coolidge's funniest quotes from her 2021 Christmas film (or maybe of all time), Single All the Way. The American Pie actor plays the theatrical Aunt Sandy, who enlists the help of her nephew Peter and his date Nick to organise her annual Christmas pageant.

The now famous line (which you physically can't hear it in anything other than Coolidge's voice) reads: "The gays just know how to do stuff, you know? I mean, they're survivors. And for some reason, they're always obsessed with me."

Of course, pairing this classic quote with the footage had fans obsessed, with many declaring that "Khlo money era is back."

Others commented that "this is the energy" they needed, and that Khloé is an "iconic Queen."

Further fans even compared the reality star to the Legally Blonde actor, insisting that she's officially in her "Tanya era," referring to Coolidge's iconic character, Tanya McQuoid in the comedy-drama series, The White Lotus.

Whether Koko is entering her Tanya phase or she's just living her best life at parties, we're absolutely here for it.

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