Khloé Kardashian live-tweeted her reaction to Sex/Life

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Photo credit: Khloé Kardashian  - Instagram
Photo credit: Khloé Kardashian - Instagram

Sex/Life has been out on Netflix for just over a month and it's still all everyone's talking about, including the Kardashian-Jenners. We already know that Kim Kardashian is a big fan of the steamy series, and it looks like she's got Khloé into it too. So much, in fact, that Khloé live-tweeted her reaction to watching the show for the first time. Including that scene.

Last week Kim K got in on the Sex/Life action, sharing several stories about the show on her Instagram Story and calling it her "new fave show."

Kim tagged show stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos in the Stories, which showed her discussing the show - and the fact that Shahi and Demos are a couple IRL - with friends in a group chat. She later added, "You guys have to watch Sex/Life on Netflix. OMG."

Well, it looks like her promo campaign worked on at least one of her followers, with younger sister Khloé responding to a fan on Twitter last night after they asked whether she was watching the show. Khloé explaining that not only was she watching but she was just about to start infamous episode three. You know the one.

A little while later (19 mins and 50 secs probably) Khloé tweeted again, this time sharing her reaction to what we can only assume was the shower scene.

Kim, who seems to be fronting the Sex/Life PR campaign, quickly got in on the action, retweeting Khloé along with the comment, "Ok now!!! I see someone is watching Sex Life!!!", to which Khloé responded, "You got me into this! First Bridgerton and now Sex Life."

Seems like there's a theme developing here...

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